Automated assembly and soldering technology

Competence in automated soldering technology

At SITEK, we manufacture around 700 million components per year on 49 rotary transfer machines with automated parts supply and removal. The majority of these pieces consist of a metallic component into which a carbide component is pressed. In this process, form-fit and force-fit interference fits are produced. The components are then separated in the vibratory conveyors.

Since these components are available in all possible geometries, our special know-how regarding the correct feeding of the individual components in the correct position is of great importance. We achieve this through a special combination of camera and laser measurement technology. We also apply this camera-controlled form of visualization 100% during assembly.

Slats, as well as rally or truck spikes, are usually exposed to high stresses. In order to optimally meet these loads, our carbide pins – in addition to being pressed – are also soldered. Directly afterwards, we carry out an energy-saving tempering process.