Corporate profile

1964: Production of studs & carbide begins
1972: Studs prohibited in Germany          
           - an idea is born to develop studs which will protect the roadway          
           - Polymer studs developed
1988: Newly developed soldering process
1989: SITEK company is founded as a separate entity
1990: Product expansion by adding cutting tools with carbide components
1991: Production of aluminum studs begins
1992: A law requiring the use of lightweight studs comes into force in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Series production of lightweight studs
1994: Introduction of QM system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9000 et seqq.
1998: Certification in accordance with ISO 9002
1999: Certification in accordance with ISO 9001
2000: New production hall purchased
2004: Production of cold forged extruded parts begins
2009: Certification in accordance with ISO 14001 
: The SITEK company celebrates its 25-year anniversary


Corporate Profile
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SITEK goals


SITEK develops new and improved tyre studs for driver safety through development partnerships with tire industry OEMs.

Financially sound

Belonging to Indus Holding offers us the foundation we need to invest in highly modern production systems and forward-thinking product innovations.


Premium products provide the best possible driving performance. This ensures our customers success, and a competitive edge.


Our solutions set new standards for user-friendliness and economic efficiency.


We offer our customers and business partners reliable product policies and good deadline fulfillment.

Competency in carbide

Carbide powder blends
Raw materials are blended and wet milled based on the desired carbide quality. Free-flowing, homogeneous carbide powder is produced within the hot gas stream of the spraying tower.

Electronically monitored presses
When carbide powder is pressed into forms – producing so-called green compacts – it achieves approx. 50% of its final density.

Sintering in our oven provides the carbide with its outstanding qualities. Precise process management, which requires specialist knowledge and lots of experience, determines the quality of the carbide.

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A great depth of manufacturing capability and technological expertise allows us to quickly implement and test the new requirements of the market. Our customers receive all services from a single source, and can trust in our secure supply capabilities. SITEK is one of few manufacturers which covers the entire supply chain.

  • Carbide granulate production
  • Carbide pressing
  • Sintering
  • Cold forged extrusion
  • Pressing
  • Logistics/shipping


Our deep manufacturing experience allows us to produce the best possible quality. Our group's own materials laboratory continuously monitors the quality of raw materials and manufactured products during the manufacturing process. From the receipt of raw materials, to spray drying, pressing, and sintering, constant quality control accompany the entire carbide production process. Our laboratory offers all analytical procedures necessary to ensure carbide quality, as well as various test benches for finished products, such as wear testing for different types of carbide. All manufacturing steps are optimized, monitored, controlled, and continuously improved down to their fine details. We include ongoing experiences from practical tests in the improvement process. Our high quality and environmental management standards are certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001.

Download: Zertifikat ISO 9001
Download: Zertifikat ISO 14001
Download: Zertifikat ISO 45001
Download: Zertifikat ISO 50001
Download: AEO Zertifikat

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System partners

We strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers. We develop exclusive stud solutions perfectly tailored to specific tires alongside tire manufacturers. Our customers distribute SITEK products to all relevant markets and around the world.


SITEK is a company of the SIMON GROUP, part of publicly listed Indus Holding AG since 1992. The SIMON GROUP grew from the Karl Simon company, whose roots stretch back to the year 1918. It consists of the companies SIMON Sinterlutions, SIMON Tooling, SITEK, and BETEK.

Flat hierarchies and flexible processes define the SIMON GROUP, which receives support from its central services: Administration, Purchasing, Quality Management, Electronics Workshop, Laboratory, Tooling, and IT.

SITEK Group Company



From initial considerations to finished product, we utilize our full experience and competency in carbide to serve our customers. We can find economical solutions to any problem.


We work in close collaboration with our partners to develop new products on highly modern 3D CAD systems - in a very brief time, if necessary.
Our manufacturing experts implement modern methods in designing and optimizing processes, such as the finite elements method used to design and analyze forming processes. Our long-term experience helps you respond adequately, even to formidable challenges.