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Our name stands for safety

And that in the truest sense of the word: SI-TEK is the German abbreviation for “safety technology” and is deliberately made a top priority at our company.
At SITEK, we offer you the complete vertical range of manufacture: from development to our own carbide and sleeve production to the finished spike. Thus, we cover the entire value chain in carbide production with our products and offer you exactly the quality you desire.

SITEK produces carbide powder and manufactures carbide-tipped tools and studs for winter tires. We are one of the leading manufacturers of studs for car and truck tires. As a technology partner to the world’s major tire manufacturers, we are involved in the development of new tires from the very beginning.

Thanks to our own carbide production, we can mix the raw materials completely individually according to the respective desired carbide quality. This allows all material properties to be precisely matched to the future application. SITEK, for example, has developed special types of studs, which are used in winter tires, on the one hand, and are also suitable for bicycle tires and hoof nails, on the other. Carbide tools from SITEK are used on milling machines, for example, to remove pavements from roadways or to roughen and clean floors. These tools are highly resistant to wear and are designed for economical use.


Our solutions set standards in user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. Leading machine manufacturers worldwide appreciate this

Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Hilgert & Dr.-Ing. Marc Siemer


SITEK produces carbide tipped tools, carbide powder and studs for winter tires. As one of the leading manufacturers, SITEK has established itself as a technology partner of the major tire manufacturers, and is involved in the development process of new tire models at well-known tire manufacturers.

The SIMON GROUP employs around 740 people and has its headquarters in Aichhalden near Schramberg. Since 1992, the individual companies have been subsidiaries of the listed INDUS-Holding AG. All divisions operate both independently and jointly on the market.

SIMON Sinterlutions uses complex pressing and sintering processes to produce high-quality, sophisticated, ready-to-install components for use in the automotive, power tools, mechanical engineering and furniture industries.

SIMON Analytics is our in-house testing laboratory for performing corrosion tests, climatic tests and coating thickness measurements. We also perform other special tests upon request.

SIMON Tooling manufactures tools for its own use and for external customers. This concerns both maintenance and the construction of samples and the production of small series.

BETEK is an independent company that belongs to the SIMON GROUP. The SIMON GROUP consists of the companies SIMON Sinterlutions, SITEK and BETEK, as well as the profit centers SIMON Tooling and SIMON Analytics and emerged from the company Karl Simon, which was founded back in 1918.

INDUS Holding AG

INDUS Holding AG is a German investment company listed on the SDAX. Its headquarters are located in Bergisch Gladbach. The company’s objective is to make long-term investments in medium-sized manufacturing companies. In the German-speaking region, it currently holds 47 business interests, which are divided into three segments. The SIMON GROUP has been a subsidiary of INDUS Holding AG since 1992. This strong investor and promoter of innovation puts us in a special position to invest in state-of-the-art facilities, new plants and consistent development of innovative products.

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We feel our obligation to future generations and place special emphasis on preserving the environment. As a company that operates sustainably, we rely on an active environmental and energy management system. As in all areas of the company, our thoughts and actions are subject to the principle of continuous improvement.

Based on legal and regulatory requirements, we have geared the planning and actions of all employees to the responsible use of energy, raw materials and supplies. We are guided by the following guidelines: avoid, reduce, recycle and talk about it.

Our activities focus on the design of environmentally friendly or environmentally compatible processes and products and on controlled energy consumption. We regularly improve all the measures required to achieve this through systematic and structured action, energy-efficient technologies and the use of renewable energies.

Our environmental and energy management system is based on ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 respectively, and continuously optimized. The basis for this is the implementation of an environmental and energy policy that we have firmly anchored in our corporate principles.


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Quality Management

Thanks to our large vertical range of manufacture, we are able to produce the best possible quality. In our in-house materials laboratories, we permanently monitor the quality of raw materials and manufactured products throughout the process. The process of carbide production is subject to end-to-end quality control: from raw material receipt through spray drying and pressing to sintering.

In our laboratory, we carry out all analytical procedures for the quality assurance of carbide. In addition, there are special procedures on various test rigs for quality control of finished products – for example, wear control of the various carbide grades. All manufacturing steps are thought through to the smallest detail; they are seamlessly monitored, controlled and constantly improved. Experience gained from practical tests is also regularly incorporated into the improvement process.

The high standard of our quality and environmental management is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001.


The health of our employees is very important to us. Just like compliance with occupational health and safety topics, it is also a significant part of our corporate culture. That’s why we work systematically to permanently optimize working conditions – with a constant focus on health and safety. In doing so, we are guided by the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&S Management System) in accordance with ISO 45001. and ensure that these preventive measures are consistently applied. They play a key role in preventing accidents, reducing absenteeism and improving the overall health situation of our team.


As in all other areas, we also attach great importance to sustainability in purchasing. Our requirements for current and potential suppliers are designed accordingly.

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Seamless quality assurance is the basis for producing the highest quality products. Therefore, at SITEK, we not only perform careful analyses of all raw materials supplied, but also carry out accurate tests on our own powder mixtures and granules. In addition, we also regularly inspect all semi-finished and sintered parts we produce. For example, we measure hardness or determine the carbon content or magnetic characteristics. In terms of carbide grades, we mainly test for density, flexural strength and wear.

All measurements and tests in our laboratory are performed with state-of-the-art equipment, such as ICP spectrometers for elemental analysis, various light microscopes for the evaluation of microstructures, or a scanning electron microscope with up to 10,000 x magnification. Other components of our laboratory equipment include a laboratory attritor for process and product development, a rotary evaporator, and laboratory furnaces for near-series sintering.