SITEK - Specialized in Studs,
Tungsten Carbide Tools and - Recycling


Our name stands for safety

Literally speaking: SI-TEK stands for “Sicherheits-Technik” or “Safety Technology” and is a top priority at our company for a good reason. After all, our products are used wherever safety plays a decisive role. At SITEK, you get the complete vertical range of manufacture from development to our own carbide and sleeve production to the finished stud. In this way, we cover the entire value chain in carbide production and offer you exactly the quality you want in every product.

Thanks to our own carbide production, we are able to match the material properties exactly to the respective application. For example, we have developed special types of studs that – in addition to their use in winter tires – are also suitable for bicycle tires and hoof nails. Special SITEK carbide tools, on the other hand, are used on milling machines, for example, to remove road surfaces – such as road markings – or to roughen and clean floors. These tools are highly resistant to wear and are designed for economical use.


Carbide & cold extrusion

SITEK stands for absolute safety and quality in the field of carbide. Thanks to our expertise of over 50 years of experience, we have brought a wide variety of manufacturing qualities to perfection, earning us a top position in the market.

Today, SITEK combines many special competencies: These include cold extrusion with materials such as aluminum, copper, steel, brass or stainless steel, sustainable carbide production including recycling, preparation, pressing and sintering, as well as automated assembly and brazing technology.


Recyclable, cost-efficient, environmentally friendly

Recyclable, cost-efficient, environmentally friendly We are committed to active climate protection and see SITEK as playing a strong pioneering role: We already use up to 85% recycled carbide raw materials. Recycling eliminates the very energy- and CO2-intensive primary processes for extracting and preparing raw materials. A large proportion of our recycling raw materials comes from our own patented carbide recycling process.

In addition, we have introduced a SIMON GROUP buy-back system for carbide scrap from surrounding European countries, in order to further reduce CO2 emissions and transport routes for scrap. Our recycling process runs without chemical additives and subsequently enables complete granulation into new carbide powder. We currently recycle up to 50 tons of carbide per year.